12 celebrities exercising at home during quarantine kitchen items, furniture, all made them fit

          Because of COVID-19 , we have to stay home to stop the spread of the virus for the sake of the nation, but being quarantined at home won’t be too boring. If we regularly exercise and sweat, we will always feel energized. And today, who doesn’t know how to exercise at home? We have easy exercise poses from 12 celebrities with beautiful bodies. It’s easy to stay fit and firm at home with these creative methods!

1. Pancake Khemanit

          Grab a big watermelon and lift some weight to build some muscle. But if anyone doesn’t have a watermelon like this You can grab a water bottle from each side instead.

 Or if you want to move a lot, exercising with a chair can work quite a bit.

2. Bebe Thanchanok

How to lie down and play with your cell phone to look like a healthy girl It’s like this.

But if you want to have even more superior fatigue. How about we get fit on the balcony?

3. VJ Ja

          With just one chair, you can work out your upper and lower abdominal muscles because VJ has prepared easy poses for you. Girls, you’ll no longer have an excuse to exercise.

4. Janie

          If there is enough space in the house Try Mom Janie’s exercise moves. It’s likely to cause a lot of sweat.

5. Ann Thongprasom

          And this is a combo set of home exercise poses from the mother of fitness and firmness. Let me tell you, it’s tough!

6. Tea Chiranat

Grab a rug or blanket in the room. Then let’s move our bodies to get rid of excess fat!

7. Kalamare

          If you have elastic bands for exercising , use them to tie to the legs of the dining table. Then you can take the same pose as the Kalamare girl. But I would like to warn you that you should check the strength of the table first.

8. Koi Ratchawin

Easy wall sit pose from a healthy couple. This pose helps tighten your butt, thighs, and stomach all at once!

9. Gypsy Keerati

          A kind-hearted gypsy girl comes to teach easy exercise moves at home. Get fit while watching the series. No more worries about gaining weight.

10. Bella Ranee

There’s very little space. Don’t let it be a problem. Come do beautiful yoga like Bella.

11. Ying Ratha

          Or it’s convenient to just use one mobile phone, go into the app and come duel with this mother for a song or two, it’s fun too.

12. Min Phichaya

Even though I’m home But Min girl can be fit too.

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