15 breakfast menu ideas from bread, easy to make and full of nutrients.

  1.    Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Because it prepares the body and stimulates the brain to be ready to start the day refreshed. animated There are many types of important meals like this to choose from. From porridge, Thai style porridge, fried eggs, pork and ham, American breakfast sausages. and your favorite cup of coffee or cocoa with hot toast. But if anyone is bored with the same old breakfast , try making it extra special by using fruit, honey, or cereals that are beneficial to the body. Come decorate it on plain toast. It will increase the nutritional value and be more appetizing. Today we have gathered together ideas for making a simple breakfast menu from bread. Let’s see how delicious and beautiful it will be.

1. Toast with cheese, pear, honey and nuts

           Boost your morning energy with toast, cheese, and crunchy nuts. Naturally sweetened with pears and honey, eating 1-2 slices will give you the energy to go to school or work.

2. Avocado and Fried Egg Toast

           Avocado, Nature’s Butter Helps add oiliness to ordinary toast to make it even more delicious. Supplemented with protein from fried eggs. If I’m not satisfied with this dish, where else can I be full?

3. Fried Egg Bread and Avocado Spread

           If anyone doesn’t like avocado pieces. Because of the fear that it will be greasy and tasteless, it can be made into a spread. Mash the avocado pulp, squeeze the lemon, add a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Spread it on bread Get both good nutritional value and delicious taste too.

4. Eggs Benedict

           People who are controlling their weight must like this menu. With Benedict eggs or poached eggs Oil-free menu Eat it with good natural fats like avocado. Get delicious, palatable food and lose weight to your heart’s content. Who could miss it? 

5. Toast with boiled eggs and avocado spread

           Increase the fullness of your breakfast from light toast and make it last longer with sliced ​​boiled eggs. Add smoothness to your palate and make it easy to eat with this rich and flavorful avocado spread. Fully loaded, this size is sure to fill your stomach all day long.

6. Toast with scrambled eggs

           Eggs for breakfast: In addition to fried eggs and boiled eggs, there are also Scrambled Eggs that are equally easy to make. You can top them with crispy toast for a delicious, healthy breakfast or brunch.

7. Peanut Butter and Jam Bread

           When it comes to toast Many people must miss fragrant peanut butter. and various fruit jams because the flavors go together perfectly. Plus it can be mixed in many different ways. There are no fixed regulations. Eating just peanut butter and fruit jam is delicious. Or add more fresh fruit to make it even more satisfying.

8. Heart-shaped fried egg bread

           Satisfy a person in love or a sweetheart with an easy breakfast. Just cut a piece of bread into the shape of a heart, place it on a pan, then make a fried egg in the cut hole. That’s it, you’ve got a lovely breakfast to serve to the people of your heart.

9. Avocado and Grain Toast

            Who is a vegan? Don’t eat meat. But I want nutrients that are complete, beneficial and provide energy. Recommended as this menu. Rye bread with soft avocado Add crunch with pumpkin seeds, nuts, and sesame seeds. Enjoy chewing and get energy, ready to take on a new morning.

10. English Style Bacon and Fried Egg Toast

            A simple English-style breakfast menu that is both delicious and beneficial to the body. And the appearance is beautiful and delicious. Both fried eggs were cooked just right. Crispy Bacon Roasted Beans and Tomatoes And add carbs with some toasted bread. Having breakfast like this gives you energy and is ready to start your day.

11. Toast with cheese and mushrooms

           Italian bread menu Its unique name is “Bruschetta” or what we call it. Vegetable bread is bread with olive oil and garlic. Toast until golden brown and crispy. Top with cheese and vegetables such as mushrooms, tomatoes or olives.

12. Toast with Beetroot Cream

           Very tasty for bruschetta with beetroot spread. that gives a sweet taste Fine texture, smooth and soft. and beautiful colors Garnish with crushed nuts and microgreens. It looks so delicious that anyone who sees it will definitely pick it up and try it.

13. Toast with bananas, peanut butter and honey

           Breakfast made from toast with peanut butter. Boost your energy with sliced ​​bananas. Sprinkled with chia seeds, it’s easy to make and gives you so many health benefits. One piece is really never enough.

14. Toast with peanut butter and fresh fruit

           Add brightness to the morning With an easy breakfast made from crispy toast. Peanut Butter and assorted fresh fruits as desired Whether it’s a ripe mango Strawberries, bananas and blueberries Get both benefits and full deliciousness.

15. Toast with avocado, toasted in a skillet, and fried egg.

           Morning rush time If you’re busy cooking one thing at a time and you might be late for class or work, make breakfast together. By toasting bread and frying fried eggs in one pan. Add nutritional value with avocado slices and ripe tomatoes. When you’re full, you’re ready to go out.

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