I want to consult about depression. Where is a good place to find a doctor? Check the price list for each hospital.

Nowadays, everyone knows that depression is a serious disaster. that corrodes the patient’s mind Until some people can’t stand it and decide they won’t live in this world anymore. And the fear of this disease lies not only in the feeling of verticality that the patient must experience. But I must say that depression Including other psychiatric diseases that do not show physical symptoms. As a result, people around you don’t understand the nature of mental illness so much that sometimes the patient doesn’t know who to rely on. Many people therefore seek refuge in psychologists or psychiatrists, which is the right thing and the most appropriate thing to do. But if anyone still doesn’t know where to go for depression counseling? Today we have to introduce Along with wanting to get to know depression and check the basic symptoms first as well.

What is depression and how dangerous is it?

Depression is a type of psychiatric disease. The main cause of the disease comes from chemical abnormalities in the brain. It even causes emotional disorders. Factors that trigger brain chemicals to malfunction causing the risk of depression include stress, upbringing that affects your mental state, being disappointed or having a big loss, and being in a toxic relationship. or even caused by genetics

Depression: What symptoms are at risk? You should see a doctor.

  Depression is a disease that affects the mind and heart. But there can also be physical symptoms such as

  • Feeling sad, depressed, depressed even though there is no stimulation.
  • Easily affected Just a few simple words can have a profound effect on the mind.
  • feel bored Even activities that used to make me happy feel boring.
  • Frequent insomnia or regular insomnia
  • Easily irritated
  • Has a violent temper and is angry. When angry, can become rampant.
  • feel bad about yourself Undervalue yourself I feel like there’s nothing good.
  • Have thoughts of wanting to die I often want to disappear from this world.
  • How can depression be treated?

    How can depression be treated?

     Treat with medicine

               The doctor will prescribe anti-depressant medication. (Antidepressant drugs) along with other symptomatic medicines, which must be taken continuously for at least 2-3 weeks before results will begin to be seen. And it usually takes 4-6 weeks for the drug to take full effect. and when it is normal The doctor will continue giving the medicine for at least another 6 months.

    * Treated with cognitive behavioral therapy (Cognitive Behavior Therapy: CBT)

               Many cases have very mild symptoms. The doctor may choose to use CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy for the patient. To guide patients to be aware and understand thoughts that deviate from their own reality. Make changes so that patients can manage their thoughts and behavior systematically. They may train patients to do activities, do housework, and live their own lives normally. Instead of sleeping all day because you don’t want to do any activity, etc.

    *Treatment with electrical waves (Electroconvulsive Therapy : ECT)

               In the case that the patient is in serious condition High risk of harming yourself and medicine or other treatment methods do not help much Doctors may use electrical therapy. By releasing low-intensity electrical current through the brain for a short period of time, causing convulsions to stimulate abnormally secreted neurotransmitters in the brain to return to normal. and balance the patient’s brain function

    * Treated with magnetic waves (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation : TMS)

               It is another option for treating patients with depression. It uses a magnetic field. (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) stimulates the part of the brain that causes disease. To balance brain function This treatment takes approximately 20-40 minutes/time and is considered a relatively safe method.

    Where can I get counseling for depression?

     If you check your symptoms, you may be at risk for depression. I want to consult a psychiatrist. Where should I go? Actually, you can see a psychiatrist or psychologist in many places, such as:

    government hospital

              Most public hospitals have psychiatrists or psychologists available to provide counseling. The advantage is that the service rates are quite cheap. Can use various health rights, whether it be a gold patent, social security, or civil servant rights. But in a government hospital, you must see a doctor during official hours. and often have a large number of patients The queue for treatment may therefore be long. Service can be delayed. And it didn’t take long to talk and consult with the doctor.

    Private hospital

              There are many private hospitals with psychiatrists. But the service fee may be a bit high, around 1,000-3,000 baht, excluding the cost of medicine (in cases where medicine is available), but you will see a doctor quickly. There is time to talk and consult with each other at your convenience. However, if there are social security rights or medical rights of state enterprise employees in private hospitals. You can use this right to see a psychiatrist and receive psychiatric medication.

Psychiatric clinic

If you don’t want to go to the hospital Or just want to get basic advice about depression. You can see a psychiatrist at a psychiatric clinic. There will be quite a few places. And the service rate is not very expensive.

Find a psychiatrist online

Today is an era where everything is available online. Not even seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist. There will be either the Department of Mental Health hotline 1323 or the Sati application where volunteers listen to stories that need to be vented. Including the Ooca application that will include both psychologists and doctors. The service fee is according to the conditions of that application, which will not exceed 1,500 baht per hour.

Recommended depression counseling hospitals
in Bangkok – metropolitan area

   If you want to consult a psychiatrist about depression Both assess existing symptoms and appropriate treatment methods Where can I find a psychiatrist? Let’s check it out. We directly collect these for the Bangkok area and surrounding areas.

1. Srithanya Hospital

Specialized psychiatric hospital Under the Department of Mental Health Ministry of Public Health that the general public knows well which even though it is a government hospital But the staff provided very good service. Just have to be patient and wait in line for a long time. and open for consultation with doctors during business hours The service fee starts at 150 baht. In cases where there is medicine, additional medicine fees must be paid. or additional examination fees if ordered by a doctor

2. Somdet Chaopraya Institute of Psychiatry

The first psychiatric hospital in Thailand that provides treatment services for patients with psychiatry, neurology, neurosurgery and neuropsychiatry The service is provided according to official days and times. But there are also special clinics outside of hours. Service is available Monday-Friday from 4:30-8:00 p.m. In this part there will be an additional charge of approximately 700 baht as a service fee for new patients. Doctor’s fee and new patient evaluation fees which can be withdrawn according to the treatment rights you have But as it is a government hospital It will be crowded with patients and the waiting line will be a bit long.

3. Kanlayana Rajanagarindra Institute

Kanlaya Rajanagarindra Institute It is a government hospital that provides services to psychiatric patients. From diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of people with psychiatric problems. mental health crisis Severe psychiatric problems Complicated drug addict including child psychiatry However, to see a doctor during official hours, you must travel to reserve an appointment before 7:00 a.m. and will receive a limited queue of only 200 people per day. There will be no service fee. Except that if there is additional testing or medication, you must pay for the test and the medication received.

4. Siriraj Hospital

Psychiatric Department, Siriraj Hospital Providing examination services for people with mental health and psychiatric problems. Those aged 18 years and over, service rates start at 900 baht, excluding medication costs and additional examination fees. But you can withdraw money according to your treatment rights. And because it is a government hospital The queue will be tight and the wait will take a long time. Especially if you are a new patient. Therefore, if you want to see a psychiatrist, it is recommended that you book an appointment early in the morning.

5. Manarom Hospital

Manarom Hospital is a private hospital specializing in mental health and psychiatry, providing services for psychiatric and nervous system problems to patients, including children, adults, and the elderly, as well as group psychotherapy. family psychotherapy including couples therapy And because it is a private hospital Therefore, there are treatment and rehabilitation services for psychiatric patients with a variety of activities, including art, music, and other activities.

oh ! And during the COVID-19 situation, the hospital will require you to fill out a COVID-19 risk assessment form within 24 hours before the appointment date. And for new patients, you must make an appointment in advance before receiving service. But if anyone is not convenient to go to the hospital themselves The hospital also has a service to meet with a psychiatrist online. You can ask for more information with the hospital staff.

6. Chitrak Center Bangkok Hospital

 It is another private hospital that has psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists providing advice on a variety of mental health problems. Both in terms of treating, rehabilitating or preventing psychiatric conditions as well. There are also family psychotherapy services, couples therapy, and those with chronic alcohol addiction problems. Addicted to drugs and want to quit or people with physical illnesses Such as various chronic diseases such as stroke, heart disease, and cancer that are at high risk of having mental health conditions as well. As for the psychiatrist consultation service rate, starting at 1,500 baht (see the doctor for 1 full hour). Other service fees are 500 baht, excluding the cost of medicine and additional examination fees.

7. Psychiatric Clinic, Phyathai 2 Hospital

 Psychiatric clinic at Phyathai 2 Hospital. Patients can be seen both in the hospital and online through the hospital website. Both approaches can specify an appointment time that is convenient for us. Moreover, the highlight of this place is many types of therapy. If you don’t want to use medication, you can consult with your doctor about how to treat yourself. It is considered an option for people who want to see a psychiatrist and want to talk and vent their suffering with a specialized doctor. To return to living life normally again

8. Mind and Mood Clinic

Specialized mental health clinic Psychiatric counseling covers all ages, from childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and the elderly. Including mental health problems of families and spouses. Here we will focus on talk therapy to change thoughts and behavior (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT) by a team of psychiatrists who are experts in CBT. There is also a private examination room available for People who are not comfortable with others seeing that we come to see a psychiatrist as well. The service rates here start at 3,000 baht (see the doctor for 1 full hour).

9. Body and Mind Clinic

 This specialized psychiatric clinic provides counseling services for general mental health problems from childhood, adolescence, adults, and the elderly, including psychiatric problems arising from physical illnesses such as heart disease patients, cancer, kidney disease, thyroid disease, or people with physical problems. related to all types of mental symptoms The service rate will be 1,400-2,000 baht (see the doctor for 45 minutes). The service fee will depend on the difficulty of the patient’s condition in each case. And if you go to see a doctor, you must reserve an appointment in advance.

10. Ooca application

For people who want to consult a psychiatrist online You can make an appointment with a psychiatrist or psychologist through the Ooca app. The service fee is 1,000 baht per half hour. for psychologists and 1,500 baht per half hour for psychiatrists You will be able to meet with doctors and psychologists via Video Call. The app can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android systems.

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