Minced pork dumplings Filled dumpling menu Fragrant and delicious soup.

  1.           Minced pork dumplings One dish meal Cook it yourself, it’s palatable. This recipe is stuffed with minced pork, carrots and shiitake mushrooms. Marinate with seasoning sauce and three spices. As for the soup, add pork ribs, radishes, shiitake mushrooms, and Chinese flowers. Once the dumplings are boiled, follow with various condiments. Finally, pour over the soup. This meal is delicious and easy to drink hot.

Minced pork dumpling recipe

For the soup, we focus on making it easy and not simmering it for a long time, so we can make it into a simple bland soup.

Ingredients for soup

  1. Water
  2. Coriander roots, garlic, and peppercorns (crush everything to add to the soup)
  3. pork ribs
  4. salt
  5. Radish
  6. shiitake mushrooms
  7. Chinese flowers (soaked in water, squeezed, and rinsed until the water is clear) The flower stems of some flowers should also be cut off because they will become hard.)
  8. soy sauce
  9. seasoning powder
  10. carrot


  1. Ingredients for minced pork dumplings


  1. Minced pork
  2. Finely pounded three flakes
  3. oyster sauce
  4. Tapioca Starch
  5. egg
  6. small diced carrots
  7. Small diced shiitake mushrooms
  8. dumplings

Ingredients for Minced Pork Dumplings

  1. minced pork dumplings
  2. Broth
  3. Boiled bok choy
  4. Fried garlic
  5. Stir-fried ground dried chilies
  6. coriander

How to make soup

Add water to a pot, bring to a boil, add coriander roots, garlic, and peppercorns. Wait for the water to boil. Add salt and pork ribs. In the meantime, wait for the foam to be scooped out and discarded.

When the water starts to clear and the pork ribs are cooked, add the radish, shiitake mushrooms, and Chinese flowers. Season with soy sauce and seasoning powder.

How to make minced pork dumplings

      1. Take minced pork, pork belly, oyster sauce and tapioca starch. Knead until well combined. Follow with eggs, carrots, and shiitake mushrooms. Knead everything until well combined and chewy. It can be used.
 2. After that, wrap it in wonton sheets. Wrap it however you want so that the wonton wrappers completely cover the filling.          • In the recipe, water is used to help make the wonton sheets stick together well.

• For the dumplings. It is recommended to use a sharp knife to scrape off the powder first. Especially people who will boil the dumplings in soup. (Not blanched separately) because scraping off the starch will help keep the soup from becoming thick, rubbery, and cloudy.

How to make minced pork dumplings

          As for the other ingredients that will be added, there will be boiled bok choy. Fried garlic Stir-fried ground dried chili and coriander, fried garlic and stir-fried dry ground chili are freshly made in-house. Because it will smell good.

1. Start by frying the garlic and scooping out the garlic.

2. For the remaining oil from frying the garlic, add ground dried chilies. Turn off the heat and continue frying. (The heat from the oil will smolder and cause the chili to continue cooking on its own. If you turn on the heat and soak, the cayenne pepper will burn and become bitter.)

      3. Start boiling the pork dumplings by heating the pot and bringing the soup to a boil. Then add the pork dumplings and boil until cooked. (If you don’t eat pork dumplings at the same time, you must boil them separately, just enough to eat per meal per person. Because if you boil the dumplings and leave them in the soup, they will become soft and mushy.)
      4. Scoop into a bowl and add whatever ingredients you like. It is finished and ready to serve.

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