Vegetarian rice noodle rolls, super delicious home-cooked vegetarian food.

Giving away the recipe for rice noodle rolls Super easy vegetarian food menu, perfect for wearing a uniform. No meat ingredients Comes with a fragrant gravy recipe. Let’s try making it, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied!

Whether you eat vegetarian or not Noodle dishes like roll noodles are also a popular dish that many people love. Because it’s quite easy to buy, it fills your stomach, the taste blends well with the sweet and salty sauce, but when it’s at the Vegetarian Festival , I really want you to try it. would like to present a method for making vegetarian rice noodles, a recipe from Khun Noen Nam, home-cooked food at Ban Noen Nam. Recipe for adding ready-made stew powder Add agricultural protein and various mushrooms, suitable for your next delicious vegetarian  meal.

Ingredients for rice noodles

  1. Pickled bean sprouts
    • Chopped radish
    • Chinese stew powder (this recipe adds cinnamon and Poi flower)
    • Uncut large noodles
    • Cut white tofu sticks
    • Agricultural protein (if you don’t like it, don’t add it)
    • Various mushrooms (straw mushrooms, fresh shiitake mushrooms, eryngii mushrooms, and shimeji  mushrooms)
    • Water
    • Ground pepper
    • Palm sugar
    • Sweet dark soy sauce
    • Light soy sauce
    • Shiitake mushroom seasoning powder
    • Vegetable oil (for frying)

How to make rice noodle rolls

  • 1. Blanch bean sprouts until cooked. Then fry and chop the radishes until golden brown and prepare.
  • 2. Heat oil in a pan. When hot, add Chinese spice powder, cinnamon, and star anise and stir-fry until fragrant. Then add various mushrooms and stir fry until cooked.
  • 3. Add water, season with ground pepper, palm sugar, sweet dark soy sauce, white soy sauce, and shiitake mushroom seasoning powder. Stir well. Add tofu (and vegetable protein) and simmer until the ingredients come together. and the water begins to draw
  • 4. Place the large noodles on a cutting board. Scoop out the ingredients in item 2 and the blanched bean sprouts. Roll into a round bar. Then steamed until cooked.
  • 5. Cut into bite-sized pieces. Sprinkle with fried radish. Served with sweet dark soy sauce. It’s over for vegetarian noodle rolls. A delicious one-dish meal with lots of vegetarian ingredients and a juicy sauce. Let’s try doing it.

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